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Tochka? Tochka.

The most frequent search keyword that lands people on this site is “tochka”. So, well, I guess I should supply what is demanded and give a definition.

“Tochka”, òî÷êà, means a point or dot. It is related to one of the Russian words with a rare combination of initial consonants, the verb tknut’, to prick or prod. I’ve heard “tochka” used in English as a term for cable radio, something that became common in Russia during Soviet times; this meaning derives from radiotochka, the name of the wall socket where you plugged the receiver in.

“Tochka Net” means, quite simply, “dot net”; there’s no pun here on the Russian word for “no”. (I actually have a pet peeve about exploiting TLDs for puns; my personal Worst Domain Name Ever award would go to, but it’s somewhat redeemed by what it now redirects to — see for youselves.)

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