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13 years since the Moscow street war

There was a communist rally in Moscow today, to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the clashes in Moscow between violent communist/nationalist protesters and pro-Yeltsin police and army units. The clashes ended in the storming of the Supreme Council the next day, the event commonly summarised as “Yeltsin shelled the parliament”.

The parliament, one must keep reminding oneself, that had, several days before, issued a decree that disobeying this parliament’s orders (orders?) was punishable by death, and presided by a smug Ruslan Khasbulatov who had, on the day before, called on the pro-parliament militias to capture the Kremlin.

Communists are unbelievably good spin doctors. You’d think it had been Tian An Men there, not an attempt at another Great Socialist Revolution. The banner on the photo below says, “There is no forgiveness for the executioners”. Yeah right. Unless they’re us.

Then again, that’s me speaking, and my opinion on October 1993 never changed since I was a 12-year-old Moscow schoolboy.

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