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Young women rate dinner better than sex

Date: 2006-10-05

YOUNG women prefer going out for a romantic dinner or getting a massage to having sex, a new report has revealed.

The Turbo Twenties study, which surveyed 570 Australian women in their 20s, also found financial security and travelling the world were their most important priorities -- more important than having children.

About 30 per cent of participants said they preferred a romantic dinner to bedroom action, while a further 22.5 per cent rated a massage as better than sex.

Only 16.6 per cent said they would rather have sex.

Study author Tania Farrelly said she was surprised at the number of women preferring to forgo sex in favour of other pursuits.

"We thought they would still be right into it at that age," Ms Farrelly said.

The popularity of romantic dinners showed young men need to lift their game, she said: "It obviously recognises there is a lack of romance in young women's lives.

"Romance is about bringing back old-fashioned values of feeling loved and appreciated, which is something young women still want."

The study, conducted by Ms Farrelly's company Publicis Insight also found:

ABOUT 60 per cent would consider having plastic surgery, and of those most would have breast implants.

MOST of the young women -- 86 per cent -- wanted to start having children by the time they turned 34.

MORE than 75 per cent of young single women were looking for a partner, although 23 per cent said they enjoyed being unattached.

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