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Online dating in the dark

Date: 2006-10-05

I have been corresponding with this guy thru an online dating service. He asks me all sorts of questions but doesn't answer any of mine. Do you think it is possible that he is hiding something? Could he be married still? His profile says he is divorced. I don t know what to make of it. He seems sincerely interested. But it really bothers me that he doesn't answer any of mine.

There also is this other guy, we have flirted thru email, I sent him a picture of myself he told me I was cute. He then moved to Las Vegas. We went from a daily email to nothing at all. Why can t I realize that I am just not his type and give up? If you can give me some advice, I am feeling like such a loser.

SCOTT: Online dating can be a great way to meet people you d otherwise never even encounter and just like in real life, you have to go with your gut and trust your instincts.

For instance, if you think someone could be hiding something like a marriage then there s a good chance they are. One down, 70 million to go!

Take the bad with the good. One bad experience doesn t mean you should stop trying. This isn t a fantasy we re talking about; online life is very real! You ll meet some good guys and others not worth your time but don t take it so hard when something falls through. Be fearless and confident in your pursuit of finding the right guy and remember, this is supposed to be fun. Now pick yourself up off the dating floor, brush yourself off and get on with it.

By Scott Seale
Special to the Denver Post

Scott Seale is not a licensed therapist or professional advisor, he just knows people and loves to help. If you need his help, e-mail your question for publication to Your identity will never be revealed.

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