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Family First: Moms Helping Singles Find Love

Date: 2006-09-27

The dating game is becoming a family affair. More and more busy single folks are turning to their moms for help. It has become so popular that moms can now find help with the search online. Dawn Miller recently launched, which does just that. CBS 2's Cindy Hsu recently sat down with Dawn to find out if mom really does know best.

Who is the average matchmaking mom?

While I wouldn’t say there is an average matchmaking mom per se, I would say that there is one unifying characteristic that all the moms on my website probably share: a genuine concern for their son/daughter’s well being and a desire to see them in a happy, fulfilling and committed relationship.

Do you think mothers really "know best" when it comes to their children's dating lives?

Yes, absolutely! Since your mother (or mother–like figure) raised you, she knows better then anyone else. She knows what makes you tick, and certainly, knows what living with you on a daily basis is like. She knows all of your great qualities as well as those less appealing traits that someone would need to accept if they were to be in a relationship with you.

Which mother-child couples are best for such a site?

Mother-daughter or mother-son pairs who will have the most success and are best suited to the site’s online matchmaking concept are those with a close relationship, who maintain an open line of communication.

Do you think today's singles are looking for outside help, specifically from parents? Why should the dating community listen to their moms?

Yes, singles today are busier than ever with their jobs and typical 60-hour work weeks which leave little opportunity to meet eligible singles and date. While not everyone is open to having their mom play matchmaker, many singles welcome their mom’s help in their search for Mr. or Mrs. Right. After all, our parents are the people we go to for advice on careers, family, finances and real estate transactions.

What advantage do moms have over best friends?

Moms, unlike best friends truly know what it is like to live with you on a daily basis. They know intimate details such as whether you are a morning person or a night owl, messy or clean, financially savvy or a reckless spender. An ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend may not always give an unbiased evaluation of you. Your ex might only know you in the context of your past relationship. Your mom, on the other hand, has seen you in many different relationships and knows what has worked and what hasn’t about each.

What would you say to critics who believe that since mothers are naturally biased and think the world of their (sometimes unworthy) children, one can't trust their opinions/profiles?

If you read some of the profiles that are on the website you will see that they are surprisingly honest. At the end of the day, moms want to see their children in a successful, healthy relationship so embellishing details or skimming over flaws, will only hinder their search for the perfect match.

Is it a little awkward for singles to involve their mothers? What feedback have you received from users?

No, not at all. The parents have already received their son or daughter’s permission prior to posting their profile on the site.

Some feedback that I have received from adult children is that they are very excited to see whom their mom has selected.

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