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Russian phrasebook: Tender forms of addressing your lady

My sweet

Ìèëàÿ ìîÿ

MIlaya moyA

My sweetheart Ëþáèìàÿ ìîÿ LyubImaya moyA
My sweet (tender) Ëàñêîâàÿ ìîÿ LAskovaya moyA
My sun Ñîëíûøêî ìî¸ SOlnyshko moyO
My joy Ðàäîñòü ìîÿ RAdost' moyA
My gold Ìî¸ çîëîòöå MoyO zOlotse
My dear Äîðîãàÿ ìîÿ DorogAya moyA
My angel Àíãåë ìîé Angel moy
My little girl Äåâî÷êà ìîÿ DEvochka moyA
My bunny Çàé÷èê ìîé ZAychik moy
You're my little Angel Ìîé ìèëûé àíãåë Moy mIliy Angel

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