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Answering your letters

Dear Slava,

    I rejoice with your growth, and with the many more possibilities of dear wives you give us at Chance for Love. But remember, don't get so big that you lose the PERSONAL TOUCH that I see only in your business.

    I really liked Jeff's letter. It does make things look promising.

God bless you and the staff!



    It is always a pleasure to read your encouraging messages.

    We avoid talking about it, because it sounds too grandiloquent. But, nevertheless, PERSONAL TOUCH is our chief principal in work. If you noticed it, we are very glad! And we aren’t going to break our principles in our further work. If we are broadening our net, then new agencies fully take our rules and work according to them. We try to partner only with responsive people who are not indifferent to their clients’ fates.

I am glad that it is noticeable :))


  I have really enjoyed all of the letters you have sent. I am currently trying to arrange a trip to Russia and the Ukraine to meet with the women I have been corresponding with. I have been open and honest with both as to my exchanging letters with each. I have also explained that for any of us to say I love you without first meeting is just not logical. I know many times the words written and the physical being are two totally different things. I find myself very attracted to both ladies and I figure the only way I am going to know which is my better half is to spend time getting to know them in person. I have been studying the Russian language in an attempt to make communication easier for us when I arrive. What a language!!! So many subtleties in the inflection of the words. Have to be very careful with that or you could end up insulting someone very badly. I have a wonderful instructor.

    She found her husband on the internet and since she was an interpreter of the English language there in Russia she decided to open a Russian language business here in the states. She has many students and is very helpful since she speaks both languages fluently. I am so glad that you brought it to the attention of many of the men that use your site that there are great differences in our cultures. I know of no one that would consider giving the belongings of the dead an acceptable practice. I know myself I would not want to wear the clothes of a deceased stranger either! It is custom here in the USA to allow family to take keepsakes but normally the clothes and other belongings are donated to charity or just disposed of. I think it is very presumptuous of the gentleman described to think that his fiancee will appreciate his sisters clothes. I think it would have been much more romantic for him to tell her that she could pick her own wardrobe upon her arrival. Any way. Thank you again for all of the wonderful information that you provide and all the suggestions you make to aid both sides in their search for true love. Thanks.


John Bowen

Arizona, USA


Dear John,

    Thank you for warm words. It is so wonderful that that you started learning Russian! Most of men consider that there is no need in this - you will live with your wife in America, so it is she who must learn the language! But this point of view is not quite correct. Learning the Russian language not only makes you closer with your wife, but gives better understanding of her culture, her personality. Since wisdom of the nation is stated in the language.  I admire you, since Russian is one of the most difficult languages! Wishing you good progress!


Hi Slava,

 Nice to hear from you. The guy who saved his dead sister's clothes to give to his fiance is not normal---he is just sick. I think what you said about learning about your lady's culture is the right thing to do as well is it is her's to learn about mine. But this is true about any relation. Listening to your mate and trying to understand her and respect her is a vital ingredeant to a successful relation. This is true whether you met in the same culture or many cultures apart. Don't believe these way out stories. You know the way you want to feel in a relationship therefore ----DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must always treat people the way you want to be treated.

 Please be honest, are most of your ladies looking for a partner outside Russia because good men are hard to find and maybe not enough available or  their primary goal is to leave the country by any means they can? I am looking for my soul mate, the one to fall in love with and spend the rest of my live with. I work hard to make a relationship successful and never say quite. Do the ladies that you work have the same goal as well---HOPE SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for our correspondence and look forward hearing from you as well as working with you.



Thank you for clearing my suspicions that it is a Western tradition to wear the clothes of the deceased. :))

The advice that you give is well-known since the times of Jesus Christ. However, it is not absolutely right for two people with different traditions. For instance, in some African tribes it is a custom first to spit on the hand of a person and then greet him. How would you feel about it? So the universal advice here can be the following: observation and aspiration to experience and to learn.

As for our women. I will be frank. I don’t have a device in my office that can scan the thoughts of women :)). Nobody and never can say that he fully guarantee that all women seek love, but not the opportunity to leave the country. But we know all the women personally, we constantly communicate with them. All the letters go through our translator. So if a woman goes “the wrong way”, we can notice it in proper time and bid farewell to her!

Thank you, John, for an interesting question. I decided to develop this theme in the article, which got the title “Russian women of the 20th and 21st centuries”.

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